They’re bred to race, so can greyhounds still make good family pets?

Posted July 14, 2018 12:22:29

Photo: Animal behavioural expert Dr Karen Dawson is warning people of the realities of adopting greyhounds. (Supplied: Dr Karen Dawson ) Related Story: “A lot of people are a bit scared”: Concern over greyhound industry reforms

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They’re considered docile and low maintenance but a vet is warning that adopted greyhounds may be in a chronic state of fear and ready to lash out.

“I see the bites on the child’s face,” said vet Dr Karen Dawson, who specialises in animal behaviour.

“I see the nose that’s almost been bitten off by the person silly enough to rub their face into the dog.

“I know this is the kind of story that people don’t want to hear, but this is the reality.”