Tips for buying and selling farm equipment online

Are you looking to offload unused farm equipment and generate come handy cashflow? Or hoping to find something you really need and save some money by grabbing it secondhand? Thousands of farmers just like you are turning online to buy and sell a plethora of items and equipment.

The internet has revolutionised buying and selling for producers, not just for commodity trading and buying rural merchandise, but for acquiring and selling farm equipment. Not only does the internet facilitate us reaching our customers better, but each other.

Today, we speak to Dwain Duxson, founder of FarmTender, to understand this growing phenomenon better. FarmTender is Australia’s largest online marketplace for farmers and has hit over 25,000 members.

FarmTender is a platform where you can sell a secondhand tractor, a mob of sheep, a parcel of grain or a loading race – whatever you would like! The FarmTender list-for-free-only-pay-if-you-sell is an extremely popular performance-based marketplace for farmers.

There are so many sites and platforms to buy and sell goods, from online classifieds to dedicated websites to local Facebook groups.  So, how do you choose a reputable platform that protects you and your goods?

Duxson noted that although they are an online business, customer service is at the centre of what they do, which many more informal platforms cannot offer. “Customer service is underrated in agriculture”, stated Dwain. “We service our customers in many ways, we call both parties when an enquiry is made and go to work to help both parties complete the deal. For some people we do everything (negotiate, list, invoice etc.) and for others it might be that all we do is connect them up. If a sale is made we provide a contract so that both parties know exactly what’s going on.”

Examples of items for sale now on Farm Tender

Duxson noted that farmers are getting canny about the way they sell their machinery, “Farmers are listing items directly after they have finished using them, which gives them the opportunity to sell so they can upgrade before the next seasonal activity comes around. If they don’t sell then they can take the machine off the market and use it again. That’s the real advantage of the free-to-list-only-pay-if-you-sell model.”

Some great tips from Duxson about buying and selling online for our readers:

  • We don’t have your phone number on your listing: you enquire through the site: you won’t get the tyre kickers, spammers, scammers and other website operators ringing.
  • An accurate description as well as keywords in the headline: if you want somebody to jump in the ute and travel miles to potentially buy your equipment or stock then it needs to be described accurately
  • Good quality photographs with the listing: remember you are competing against other ads. We are visual creatures – photo’s drive traffic to your listing and gives credibility to your listing.