Tractors on steroids: ‘There’s nothing like pulling back the throttle’

Updated September 16, 2018 08:12:56

They call it tractor pulling and it’s kind of like a visit to the speedway for revhead farmers.

Events attract farmers and DIY mechanics and engineers who modify farm tractors to maximise power and torque.

This week, Allan Arthur transported two hotted-up old tractors more than 1,200 kilometres from Albury in New South Wales, to participate in a tractor pulling exhibition in Miles, on Queensland’s Western Downs.

In a competition setting, tractors are usually rigged to weighted sleds but in Miles, it was a 20-plus-tonne grader testing tractor pulling power.

Photo: At this tractor pulling exhibition at Miles, the challenge was to tow a 20-plus-tonne grader. (ABC Southern Queensland: Nathan Morris)

One of the two tractors Mr Arthur competes with is a decades-old Super 90 Chamberlain, originally about a 90 horsepower machine.

“We’ve put a V12 GM two-stroke in it — it’s about 450 horsepower,” he said.

“We did it just as a bit of joke and blinged it up a bit.”