Victorian plan to rehome or kill brumbies under fire

Updated June 07, 2018 08:54:15

A Victorian Government plan to remove more than a thousand brumbies from the Alpine National Park has come under scrutiny just months before the strategy takes effect.

Under the plan 1,200 horses in the state’s high country will be rehomed or euthanised to address ‘severe damage’ to the environment.

Passive yards will be used to bait and trap horses within the park, and those that cannot be rehomed will be shot at the site.

Victorian Brumby Association president Colleen O’Brien has called the plan ‘inhumane’.

“Brumbies that can’t be taken will be slaughtered in the yards they’re trapped in, and that’s totally unacceptable,” Ms O’Brien said.

“They cannot just be shot at in yards. It’s incredibly stressful and there’s no need for it.”

The Victorian Government aims to rehome up to 70 per cent of the horses, but Ms O’Brien, who has advocated for the humane treatment of the horses for almost two decades, said there was currently not enough trainers to take horses in.

She said support for ‘rehomers’ — and a combined strategy of fertility control and low-stress musters — would improve on the current plan.