Victorian saleyards encouraged to adopt online selling

The combination of local drought, high water prices, and changing technology is casting doubt over the future of a small country Victorian saleyard.

The Kerang Saleyards in Northern Victoria will temporarily close to undergo maintenance after not hosting a prime sale for several months.

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This has led to a big drop in livestock sales at the local yards, and there will be a review in January next year as to whether the saleyards will remain open.

In a bid to save the site, marketing gurus and the local council have encouraged the saleyard explore online strategies.

Kerang Saleyard leaseholder Brendan Carey said high prices of water, a decline in dairy farming, and scheduling conflicts with other saleyards in the region had impacted trade in the region.

Plus, the growing popularity of online auctions had drawn farmers to the alternate mode of sale.

“There will always be a place for open auctions and competition. But there are better options for people to sell direct to the feedlot,” he said.

“You can sell over the internet, you don’t even have to put them in the yard.”