WA growers forced to dump fruit as consumers shun strawberries amid needle scare

Posted September 15, 2018 12:30:10

Photo: WA strawberries are being dumped in the wake of the needle contamination scare, despite local growers not being affected. (Supplied: Jamie Michael) Related Story: Six brands now named in strawberry scare as more needles found in punnets Related Story: ‘Just cut them up’: Copycat strawberry tampering prompts safety warning

West Australians are shunning strawberries in the wake of the needle contamination scare in Queensland, sending prices crashing and forcing farmers to dump tonnes of unwanted produce.

This is despite the fact there have been no contamination incidents in WA.

Six brands of strawberries grown in Queensland have been affected by the incident, in which the fruit was contaminated with sewing needles.

WA supermarkets are reducing and cancelling orders because customers have stopped putting strawberries in their baskets, regardless of where they were grown.

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