World’s largest fence to save native animal populations from feral cats

Updated May 18, 2018 08:14:16

Photo: A fence has been built in order to protect the endangered species of central Australia where mammal extinction is said to be the worst worldwide. (Landline: Kristy O’Brien)

In the red centre of Australia there’s a silent and extremely effective killer lurking… feral cats.

Far from the innocent domestic variety, there are estimated to be millions of feral predators wreaking havoc on central Australia’s native mammal populations.

Feral cats are carnivores and love to devour small mammals and birds.

Their natural instinct to hunt means they also kill hundreds of animals needlessly.

The region now boasts the shameful statistic of having the worst extinction rate anywhere in the world — 30 mammals to be exact.

“There are then 10 other threatened mammals,” CEO of the Australian Wildlife Conservancy, Atticus Fleming, said.

“Some of them have been extinct in central Australia for nearly a century, others have disappeared in recent decades so central Australia really is a global epicentre for mammal extinctions,” he said.


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