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About Our Workshops

Getting Started: Bank Ready

3 hour workshop, runs in the evening. Free! Our speaker is a local agribusiness banker (we are not tied to any banks). We discuss finance options for young farmers like buying, leasing, and equipment loans. We talk about what to look for in a bank and how to impress a bank! We talk about the key documents the banks are looking for when meeting with young farmers. And we give out a list of banking terms – in plain English that you can actually understand.

It covers:

  • Finance options: buying, leasing, sharefarming, equipment loans
  • What banks expect
  • How to build a relationship with a bank
  • Key finance terms
  • Documents to impress a bank
  • Planning for your future

Getting Started: Business Ready

3 hour workshop, run in the evening. Free again! This focuses on getting started in business.

You'll hear from a qualified accountant about:

  • ABNs... do you need one? How to get one.
  • STRUCTURES..sole trader v partnership v trust v company etc. What is best for you?
  • GST... when do you qualify? Do you have to collect GST?
  • ACCOUNTANTS... do you need one? How do you choose a good one?
  • FINANCE QUESTIONS... bring them along and hit up our accountant!

Getting Started: Profit Ready

3.5 hour workshop, run in the evening. Free again! Want to understand where profit comes from and really get to know your numbers? This workshop explains the key drivers to business success - in numbers! This workshop is focused on the financial ratios that can be used to measure success in your farm business.

It covers:

  • Factors that affect profitability in farming businesses
  • Working in the business v working on the business
  • Key Performance Indicators explained
  • How to run a monthly meeting
  • Ideal profit ratios and turnover ratios

Bank Savvy Workshop

3 hour workshop, run in the evening. Free again!This workshop will take young farmers and growers behind-the-scenes of the banking world.Hear from leading agribusiness broker, Brad Sewell. Brad worked in banking for 20 years and now specialises in agricultural finance.

It covers:

  • Understanding farm finance
  • How to negotiate with banks
  • Guarantor set ups
  • Vendor finance opportunities
  • Working with investors

Startup Stories

These free evening network events share the warts-and-all stories of local producers! The series are presented by the Young Farmer Business Program and Future Farmers Network across NSW.