Young Farmer Business Program Advisory Committee: Meet Angus – Farm Table

Young Farmer Business Program Advisory Committee: Meet Angus

Earlier this month we started introducing you to members of our Advisory Committee! The Young Farmer Business Program Advisory Committee makes sure the program is on track, delivering business skills to young farmers and fishers. We’ve got representatives from the Future Farmers NetworkASC of NSW Next GenerationNSW Farmers and the NSW Young Farmer Council on the committee, as well as four independent members. They’re a great bunch who are passionate about the future of primary industries in NSW! 

Today we’d like you to say hello to Angus Groves!

Angus is a grain accumulation manager for Cargill Australia. Angus recently started an organic hops business with 2 friends on a farm near Barrington Tops. Their startup business is selling fresh hops to local breweries. Normally located in Dubbo, Angus is currently in Western Australia with Cargill owing to the drought, he will return to Dubbo in early 2019.

Worst meal ever eaten…

Not sure if this counts as a meal, but while travelling we were lucky (or unlucky) enough to try a Philippine delicacy known as a Balut. Google it if you have a strong stomach…

Tell us about the worst gift you’ve ever received…

I once received a pair of thongs, but these thongs were shaped like fish with the mouth as the opening for your feet. They were gifted to me as a joke, and I re- gifted the footwear to my friend who is a keen fisherman.

If you were stuck on a desert island – with no phone coverage, what 3 things would you pack?

A boat (when ready to escape), a radio or two-way (to communicate), and a friend (to enjoy the experience)

What would you tell your 16 year old self?

Meet as many people as you can along your journey of growing up. I genuinely believe it’s not what you know, but who you know that will lead you to find your calling in life.

Biggest business learning you would share with other young farmers…

Don’t be afraid to make a start, no matter how small you think the step may be; discuss your ideas with a friend, choose a business name, create a social media profile. Do something to kick start your business.

If we gave you $10 million tomorrow… what would you spend it on?

Have recently started a business growing hops – so I would invest in some specialised harvesting equipment (from U.S or NZ), increasing the size and tech capability of the business, then spend the rest with family and friends (if that is allowed).

Favourite quote (can be motivational / funny / from a book / from your parents… whoever!!)

Important in the current coronavirus plagued climate – ‘You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist’

Stay tuned for some more advisory committee profiles!

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