Young Farmer Business Program Advisory Committee: Meet Hannah – Farm Table

Young Farmer Business Program Advisory Committee: Meet Hannah

Did you know we’ve got an Advisory Committee? With representatives from the Future Farmers Network, ASC of NSW Next Generation, NSW Farmers and the NSW Young Farmer Council, as well as four independent members, the committee is responsible for ensuring the Young Farmer Business Program remains relevant and on track with its delivery. We’re lucky to have some amazingly passionate people on the committee so we thought we’d introduce you to them. To kick us off, meet Hannah Cargill! 

Hannah is studying agriculture and business at UNE in Armidale. She is involved with her family’s Angus stud near Braidwood and represents the NSW Young Farmer Council on our Advisory Committee. Now for the important stuff!

1. Worst meal ever eaten…

A family dinner creation containing eggplant that was not as amazing we had hoped it to be.

2. Tell us about the worst gift you’ve ever received…

I haven’t received anything that I would class as the worst…

3. If you were stuck on a desert island – with no phone coverage, what 3 things would you pack?

A book, a hat and a hammock.

4. What would you tell your 16 year old self?

To have confidence in yourself and value the importance of networking and meeting new people; don’t underestimate the small, simple things in life.

5. Biggest business learning you would share with other young farmers…

Invest in yourself; it may seem scary and you may feel in debt and wasteful but building your skill set really is the most valuable thing you can do!

6. If we gave you $10 million tomorrow… what would you spend it on?

 This is a tough one, I think I would invest in a small apartment building with a shop front to rent out to other businesses and tenants to live in. This would hopefully mean a greater return with a steady income to set up to purchase my own property.

Q: Favourite quote (can be motivational / funny / from a book / from your parents…whoever!!)

“Stop being distracted by things that have nothing to do with your goal”

Hannah Carghill and fellow Young Farmer Charlotte Groves from Cowra at the Annual Conference (Armidale Express)
The Cargill sisters – Hannah, Sophie and Zoe – at the recent Angus Youth Roundup where Billaglen Man of War M5 won champion bull (The Land)

Stay tuned for some more advisory committee profiles!

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