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Workshops for young farmers across NSW.


Financial and Business Management resources to help reach your dreams.


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Grants & Loans

There is assistance out there. Let us help you find it.

Business Coaching

Group coaching opportunities & see how our 12 month Business Coaching program is assisting three young farmers/fishers.


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About Us

Our team is dedicated to making a difference to young farmers and fishers.

Young Farmer Business Program

The Young Farmer Business Program is a 4 year initiative funded by the NSW Government.

We are here to build the business skills of young farmers. We are focused on the business stuff, all the things that happen in the office.

We run workshops all over NSW for young farmers. The current workshops are Getting Started: Bank Ready and Getting Started: Business Ready. Stay tuned, more to come!

This online hub provides a one stop shop for our Program’s key events & workshops, business development opportunities, templates, resources and networking opportunities to enhance your farming and fishing businesses