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Key Features

A fully featured sheep data recording software package designed specifically for sheep farmers wanting to get the most out of their sheep

Intuitive to use and catering for a full range of data recording needs to suit beginners just starting out to even the most advanced producers pushing the boundaries

Turn raw data into information that enables you to make the best decisions possible and get the best return on investment you can

How does it add value ?

No Tiered Subscription

When you pay for the software, you unlock its full capabilities. Nothing is stuck behind a paywall; it's all there for you to use straight away or for you to use at a later date. A software that truly grows with your needs without a growing price tag.

3 Click Rule

Navigation through the software is logical and easy to learn. Every action is designed within three clicks of the main screen and is always one click from home, so you won’t get lost inside menus wondering where to go.

Free Support

Whilst the software is very easy and intuitive to use, sometimes you'll need support. Support is available through our Members Area or over the phone. In the Members Area you will find lots of videos on the software, because you are often doing tasks only once a year, sometimes the best way to remember how to do them is to not remember them at all! You can simply follow along with a video to easily get the job done. As the software is computer based, we can access your computer remotely if necessary and have your issue sorted very quickly

BreedELITE is the complete data recording system for the Elite Sheep Breeder

With intuitive design for ease of use,  BreedELITE combines full visual recording with EID compatibility and data validation, ensuring quality data for you to make easy, powerful decisions.

Capable of recording nearly 200 measured and visual traits into the software across multiple age stages, there is over 800 pieces of data you can easily record on any one sheep throughout its life. The customisable view gives you the choice to be as high level or as granular as you would like with your data recording to always have a software that meets your needs. You can quickly see trends in data across sheep, ages, bloodlines, mobs and more, BreedELITE Sheep is about turning that raw data into information that enables you to make the best decisions possible and get the best return on investment you can.

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Software Categories

Livestock Management: Sheep & Goats

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DownloadCloud Based



Available in Australias


Starting Costs

$100 +

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