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Milk Exchange


The Milk Exchange is a transparent, secure and more competitive system of trading milk that the Australian dairy industry so desperately needs.

It finally delivers choice to both farmer and buyer with tradable milk contracts, open transparent pricing, lower transaction costs and a range of services including traceback and controls – all on a digital platform.


As noted in Farm Online:

“The national digital milk market, launched this week, is not unlike electronic livestock marketplace, AuctionsPlus, or similar online grain trading facilities.

It has been billed as a game changer for an industry where dairy farmers are frequently frustrated by a lack of true market price transparency and are locked into secret contracts committing their production to specific processors.

With national milk production volumes seriously depleted by drought, the Milk Exchange initiative will allow sellers and raw milk buyers in all states to join an open trade, or at least get a broader picture of demand and price indicators for any spare supplies on offer.

Sellers could be farmers with uncontracted production, or processors with surplus milk to offload.”

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