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The Agriwebb Community

The devastation of the current bushfires has been felt throughout the Australian farming community. Stock losses and infrastructure damage are just some of the many challenges faced. Speaking with farmers and seeing the damage firsthand, we at AgriWebb know there are lots of farmers in need of assistance and plenty in the position to offer help. We have a resilient and supportive network of farmers and know that all Aussie farmers are keen to look after one another. The AgriWebb Helping Hand Project is connecting farmers who can help, with farmers who have been affected by this bushfire disaster.

How you can help?

  1. Volunteer time for record efforts – Can you volunteer time to assist in clearing debris, fixing fences and other recovery tasks?
  2. Livestock or feed transport – Do you have a truck or trailer to transport livestock or feed?
  3. Livestock feed or water donations – Do you have surplus livestock feed or eater you wish to donate to a nearby farm?
  4. Agistment opportunities – Do you have capacity to carry more livestock on your property?

If you would like to lend a hand OR if your farm could use a hand pop over to the Agriwebb website for more information.

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