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The three areas of education, agriculture and volunteering will be the focus of grants with an emphasis on furthering skills and contributing to the community. Financial support can be offered across a broad range of activities that meet these criteria and that fit within the purposes of the DDF.

Examples of grants for each of these categories will have an emphasis on furthering skills and contributing to the community:


  • Scholarship for an individual for up to three years to financially assist their post-secondary education. The funds will be disbursed for purposes agreed with the sub-committee.
  • Attendance at a conference, workshop, seminar, training program (travel, accommodation, registration)
  • Support the purchase of resources required to develop skills
  • Attendance at leadership programs
  • Contribution to the cost of holding a discussion group meeting on farm


The guidelines would be similar to those currently applying to DDF scholarships and grants as outlined on this DDF website.


  • Costs to complete courses to upgrade volunteer technical or management skills.
  • Costs associated with attending and contributing to support roles, such as event management, skill upgrading or participant safety activities, for volunteer activities locally, nationally or internationally (eg. sporting clubs, community aid programs, emergency services)

Individuals participating directly in volunteer organisation activities will not be supported.

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