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Cultivate Farms

Your Chance to Own Your Farm

You want to own your own farm. You have the skills, but you can’t afford it.
You sleep, dream, and breathe your passion of owning a farm.
You’re a farm entrepreneur, on the journey to farm ownership.
Cultivator, an initiative of Cultivate Farms, is a farmer incubator, matching the best next-generation aspiring farmers with farm investors to own and operate a farm together.

Cultivator has delivered a farm ownership outcome for an aspiring farming family in 2017.
Now in 2020, Cultivator has that same farm investor ready to back the best aspiring farmer to co-own a farm with them
If you meet the selection criteria and are willing to invest $4,000 plus GST to be part of the program, you have a 1 in 10 chance of owning your own farm.

Let’s get you farming!



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Key Criteria:

The investor has some specific requirements about how the farm is selected and its ongoing management - details are outlined in Investor Farm Preferences.

In addition the farm must be based in Victoria or NSW

There are no restrictions in the size, enterprise, amount of investment. However, the farm has to be in Victoria or NSW

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