NSW: Emergency Drought Relief Package

NSW Government - Department of Primary Industries

The NSW Government will invest a further $310 million in emergency drought relief in recognition of the on-going drought conditions in regional NSW, extending emergency drought measures to help farmers and communities make it out of the worst drought in living memory.

This new investment takes the NSW Government’s total drought support and water security commitment to close to $4 billion.

Extended support includes:

  • $116 million to continue the Drought Transport subsidy
  • $99 million to continue waiving Local Land Services rates, bee site permits, Western Lands lease rent, wild dog fence rates and provide assistance for vehicle registration costs for eligible primary producers
  • $28.5 million to continue existing water licence fee waivers for stock, domestic, general and high security water users
  • Continuation of health and wellbeing programs, including the Farmgate Counsellors Program, Aboriginal wellbeing services and Royal Flying Doctors Far West Drought Support programs.

Drought Transport Subsidies

  • transport subsidy of up to $50,000 per eligible farm business
  • can be applied for the cost of transporting fodder, water to a property for stock, stock to and from agistment, and stock to sale or slaughter.
  • This subsidy also includes transport of farm chemicals, fertiliser and seed to farms.



Waivers on government fees and charges

  1. Local Land Services rates: The NSW Government is waiving all Local Land Service rates for 2021, following waivers in 2019 and 2020, including general rates and rates for animal health and pests, the meat industry levy and costs for routine stock moving permit and stock identification. Contact Local Land Services for more information on 1300 795 299.
  2. Fixed water charges in rural and regional areas:  fixed charge component of water licences issued by Water NSW will be waived for licence holders in rural and regional NSW. The water usage fee component will still apply to all water users. Contact Water NSW for more information on 1300 662 077.
  3. Class One agricultural vehicle registration costs: Class 1 agricultural vehicles will be exempt from the next annual registration charge. Farmers across the state experiencing drought will benefit from a rebate on heavy vehicle registration costs for the next two years. Contact Service NSW for more information on 13 77 88.
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