NSW: Donated Fodder Transport Subsidy

NSW Government Rural Assistance Authority

The NSW Government is covering the cost of transporting donated fodder when transport providers are acting in conjunction with community groups and taking fodder from within NSW to drought-affected properties. One hundred percent of the costs will be covered up to a maximum of $5 per km and up to 1500 km.

This subsidy will pay for 100% of the costs of transporting donated fodder from within NSW up to a maximum of $5 per kilometre (plus GST) to a maximum eligible distance of 1,500 kilometres.

Before arranging transport, the coordinating community group and transport operator must:

  • obtain approval from the RAA prior to transporting the fodder
  • claim the cost of transporting the fodder direct form the RAA
  • claim forms must be submitted to the RAA together with tax invoices and/or receipts for expenses incurred
  • claims must be made within three months of the RAA’s approval and
  • claims must benefit 3 or more primary producers

Key Criteria:

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