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Biodiversity Conservation Trust – NSW Government

On 16 May 2018, the Biodiversity Conservation Trust commenced Fixed Rate Offers under its Conservation Management Program.

Fixed rate offers are a key way for interested landholders to enter a funded conservation agreement in-perpetuity. A map shows the parts of NSW where the BCT is currently making a fixed rate offer. You can visit the BCT website to view regional maps to see if you are in an eligible area www.bct.nsw.gov.au or you can call the BCT on 1300 992 688.

The fixed rate offer works by selecting land which contains the highest-ranking priority landscapes and conservation assets. Sites that provide the most value for money are offered conservation management payments at a fixed rate ($/hectare/year).

Following the site assessment, eligible landholders will be provided with a draft management plan, based on the discussions during the site assessment, and invited to apply for a fixed rate offer. Once the BCT receives all applications, it will further evaluate the sites, and landholders that own sites with the best value for money will be provided the opportunity to enter into an in-perpetuity
conservation agreement.

Successful Landholders will receive annual payments for the term of their agreement after the agreement is registered on the title of the land.

This program provides a unique opportunity for successful landholders to secure an additional revenue stream to conserve and manage native vegetation and biodiversity on their land and to
diversify their income.


Key Criteria:

To be eligible for a fixed rate offer, the part of your land that you wish to have considered for conservation needs to:

  • be in the area of the fixed rate offer shown on the map on this factsheet (you can access more detailed regional maps on the BCT website: www.bct.nsw.gov.au)
  • have a minimum size of 50 hectares proposed to be conserved and managed for biodiversity
  • contain threatened species, habitat for threatened species, threatened ecological communities (you do not need to know if you have these types of plants and animals to submit an EOI for a site assessment; the BCT will determine if you have these plants and animals during the site assessment)
  • be in moderate to good ecological condition (this will also be determined by the BCT during the site assessment)
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