NSW: Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate Scheme

NSW Government Rural Assistance Authority
Opening Date: 14 January 2019
Closing Date: 30 June 2021

Farmers in NSW can apply for the rebate from 14 January 2019 via the NSW Rural Assistance Authority website.

***Arrangements for other states will be announced later. Meanwhile you can express your interest in this scheme by contacting your state or territory agriculture department.

Eligible Primary Producers can claim a rebate of 25% of the cost of purchase, delivery and if applicable, the labour cost to engage a person to install water infrastructure for animal welfare needs.

The On-Farm Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate scheme can be applied to costs incurred from 1st July 2018 for new purchases, and installation of pipes, water storages and water pumps, de-silting dams, and associated power supplies such as generators.

Your new infrastructure must:

  • be for grazing livestock that you own (not agisted stock)
  • be for a animal welfare need
  • improve your drought resilience.

Your expenses must relate to:

  • buying and installing
    • pipes
    • water storage devices such as tanks and troughs associated with stock watering
    • water pumps and associated electronic systems to manage water delivery
  • desilting dams
  • drilling new stock water bores and associated power supply such as generators.

Your expenses must occur in the same financial year as your claim. Purchases must be after 30 June 2018.

Key Criteria:

  • a primary producer (as defined by your state or territory)
  • a property owner, share farmer or lease holder
  • in an area defined as drought affected (by your state or territory)
  • in the grazing industry.
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