NSW: Northern Storm (20 Dec 18)

Rural Assistance Authority
Closing Date: 19/3/2020

Recovery grants are now available to help eligible primary producers who were affected by severe storms in Walcha and surrounding areas from 20 December 2018. Applications and invoices must be received no later than 19 March 2020.

A grant of up to $15,000 per farm business is available to all eligible primary producers for clean-up and immediate restoration costs.

This grant is designed to assist eligible primary producers to contribute towards the costs of:

  • Clean-up, removal of debris and disposal of dead livestock;
  • Repair or replacement (purchase or hire/lease) of damaged assets such as farm buildings and essential plant and equipment (excluding housing).
  • Salvaging crops, health maintenance of livestock and poultry; and
  • Fencing, pasture restoration, and infrastructure (including access and internal roads).

Local Government Areas eligible for this grant are:

  • Walcha
  • Armidale
  • Tamworth
  • Uralla

For more information visit Rural Assistance Authority website.

Key Criteria:

Primary Producers must:
a) Have been operating a farm business within an eligible area, prior to the date of the event.
b) Be intending to re-establish the primary production business.
c) In the instance of a mixed business, the farmer must run a mixed primary production business where the applicant derives at least 50% of their income from primary production when looking at all sources of primary production together. In addition, for the type of production for which grants are sought, the applicant must demonstrate that they operate a bona-fide commercial operation rather than undertaking a hobby.
d) Be claiming for damage or the portion of damage that is not covered by insurance.
e) Provide confirmation that a claim against their insurance policy in respect of any loss or damage suffered has been lodged. Full insurance details, including policy numbers, are to be provided with the application. Damage that is covered by insurance is not eligible.

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