QLD: Murray-Darling Basin Co-investment Funding Scheme

Queensland Government
Opening Date: 10 December 2018
Closing Date: 22 February 2019

The Murray-Darling Basin Co-investment Funding Scheme provides direct financial support to eligible farm and post-farmgate businesses to help stimulate development of new high-value horticultural value chains in the Queensland Murray-Darling Basin (QMDB) region.

The program of activities is aimed at assisting local businesses adjust to a situation of reduced water allocation in the coming years through establishing alternative cropping systems with the potential to generate higher value earnings per hectare.

The project goal is to assist local businesses address existing barriers in developing new high-value horticultural value chains by assessing the biophysical and economic viability of a range of alternative cropping options, identifying access to profitable markets, providing expertise in production of new systems, marketing and co-investment support to meet capital requirements for change.

The project consists of five related activities:

  • Activity 1 – Assessing crop suitability: ascertain the suitability of horticulture crops for production in the project region at certain times of the year.
  • Activity 2 – Building capacity in the value chain: increase capacity of existing and new value chain participants to innovate and implement new horticulture value chain opportunities while identifying the barriers to horticultural expansion.
  • Activity 3 – Developing new markets: develop understanding of new export markets for potential horticulture production within the QMDB area.
  • Activity 4 – Analysing new value chains: develop an evaluation of value chain requirements and value chain economics for potential new horticultural value chains.
  • Activity 5 – Direct Grant Scheme – this document outlines the guidelines for the Direct Grant Scheme which provides financial assistance to businesses on a co-investment basis to support the development of new or diversified horticulture value chains.

Key Criteria:

Applicants must demonstrate that the applicant/business operation:

  • is involved in developing a new high-value horticultural value chain located within the QMDB project area or benefiting producers located in the QMDB project area
  • is located in the QMDB project area or the project will benefit producers located in the defined project area
  • is a farm or post-farmgate business
  • trades as a sole trader, trust, partnership or an entity incorporated in Australia under any of the following Acts: Corporations Act 2001 (Cwlth); associations Incorporation Act 1981 (Qld); Cooperatives Act 2002 (Cwlth); Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (Cwlth); an entity incorporated outside of Australia will not be eligible
  • is registered for tax purposes in Australia with an Australian Business Number (ABN) and is registered for GST
  • is not insolvent or under external administration or receivership and is not subject to any deed of company arrangement, personal insolvency agreement, insolvency proceedings or winding up order
  • is willing for the details and outcomes of their project to be publicly disclosed by the Department. Applicants may reserve trade secrets or commercial in confidence methods or processes
  • is not utilising grant monies provided from Australian and Queensland Government funding or other
    funding bodies as your component of the Co-investment Grant Scheme
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