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SRA Sugar Research Australia
Opening Date: 1/1/20
Closing Date: 31/8/20

Sugar Research Australia (SRA) invests in and manages a portfolio of research, development and adoption (RD&A) projects that drive productivity, profitability and sustainability for the Australian sugarcane industry.

Funding is available as follows:

Individual travel awards to a maximum of $7,500 – travel, study tours or conference attendance

  • The award can support travel to conferences, seminars, workshops or other organisations, and cover expenses including fares, accommodation, other living costs and registration fees.
  • For conference or workshop travel support, there is a clear expectation that applicants are presenting or co-authoring a paper (or poster for junior researchers) or have been invited to chair a session.
  • A copy of the abstract, paper, poster or letter of invitation must be attached if available.
  • An individual will be restricted to one conference travel award every two years.

Inviting subject experts to visit our industry to a maximum of $10,000

The award can cover the costs involved in inviting subject matter experts (preferably with an international and/or national reputation) to conduct an event such as a workshop and /or seminar, or to share and provide expertise needed for a particular high priority project or subject area.

Applications open on 1 January each calendar year and close on 31 August of each calendar year.

Key Criteria:

STLA awards are competitive and applications will be assessed on the quality of the applicant and the likelihood of the award resulting in benefits to the sugar industry. Applications will be assessed against the following questions:

  • does the proposed travel benefit the Australian sugar industry and are those benefits significant and well explained?
  • will the activities proposed enhance the skills and capacity of the applicant?
  • is there an appropriate and clear plan for knowledge dissemination?
  • is the proposal value for money, taking into account any cash and/or in-kind co-contribution to the proposal by the applicant and other parties?
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