Barley varieties and time of sowing

Birchip Cropping Group

Type: Article
Knowledge level: Intermediate

The time of sowing and the variety sown is very important to the performance of the crops yield. Each year new varieties of Barley are released reassuring farmers that they will produce bigger and better yields and improve agronomic traits.

Birchip Cropping Group conducted a trial in 2016 to compare the performance of new and existing barley varieties and the influence of sowing time on crop performance. Trials were conducted at Nhill, Warmur, Manangatang, Ultima and Kalkee.

This article covers the:

  • method used
  • results and interpretations
  • long-tern NVT averages
  • on-farm profitability
2017 - Australia - Birchip Cropping Group
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