Farm Economic Analysis Tool (FEAT)

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries - Queensland Government

Type: Excel, Calculators
Knowledge level: Intermediate

Farm Table says:

User can use the online tool or excel document to identify the profitability of existing enterprises and determine the impacts of proposed changes.

FEAT Online

FEAT Online is a free tool developed to assist Australian sugarcane growers with measuring farm profitability and planning. The tool streamlines data entry, makes it easier to assess multiple scenarios, and is accessible through phones, tablets or computers.

Visit FEAT Online

FEAT Excel

FEAT is an excel spreadsheet for sugarcane growers.

It can be used to:

  • gauge the economic impact of changing from one farming system to another
  • evaluate farm labour requirements
  • prepare cash flow budgets
  • analyse farm profitability
  • determine machinery contracting rates

FEAT calculates economic performance indicators based on specific production information entered by the user. You do not require financial records to use FEAT.

The spreadsheet may help answering the following questions:

  • The type of questions FEAT can help answer include:
    • how do farming systems compare in economic value?
    • what is the best mix of crops?
    • how many ratoons are optimal?
    • should I buy machinery or use a contractor?
    • what is the economic impact of changing row widths?
    • what is the economic impact of replacing sugarcane smut susceptible varieties?
    • how profitable is my farm at different sugar prices?
    • if the price of diesel increases, how will this affect the economic value of my farm?
    • how do farming systems compare in terms of labour required?
    • should I purchase or lease the farm?
    • which farm should I sell?

Download the FEAT Excel spreadsheet below.

Farm Economic Analysis Tool (XLS, 4.7MB) (XLS, 4.7MB)  (This version is now superseded by FEAT Online and will receive no further updates beyond 2020.)

2020 - Australia - Department of Agriculture and Fisheries - Queensland Government
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