Ten tips for early sown wheat


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GRDC has put together 10 important guidelines for early-sown wheat. These guidelines can increase productivity and profitability.

The 10 tips include:

  1. Consider your location
  2. Paddock selection
  3. Dry versus early sowing – know the difference
  4. Consider seed bed and stored soil water
  5. Don’t sow to early
  6. Use the right cultivar for the right sowing date
  7. Use the right winter cultivator for the right environment
  8. Protect crops from virus vectors
  9. Graze early sown crops if you want
  10. Adjust plant density and nitrogen fertiliser

The decision tree below provides a summary of the overall management package and a guide on how to get the most out of early sown winter wheat crops.

2020 - Australia - GRDC
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