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Need veterinary advice?

Phone A Vet – A phone app offering a convenient and affordable way for pet owners and farmers to speak with Australian registered veterinarians

Key Points

  • Need Veterinary Advice? - Phone A Vet is an alternative to using online forums and Dr Google which may not give the best advice or peace of mind. The Phone A Vet app lets you speak to Australian registered veterinarians with a wide range of expertise in farm animals and pets.
  • Affordable - At $24.95 AU per session, which includes an up to 15-minute video conference, Phone A Vet is an affordable means of getting good veterinary advice without the additional costs in time and money of physically getting, or getting to, a veterinarian.
  • Convenience - Phone A Vet allows access to good veterinary advice from your lounge room, while walking your dog, or when down in the back paddock, including on weekends, public holidays and after hours.
  • Peace of mind - Phone A Vet can provide peace of mind by helping animal owners make fully informed and hence better decisions. For example, a PAV veterinarian can advise if an animal should be taken to a veterinary clinic or if a home remedy will suffice, or help work through the pros and cons of the best pet for one’s children.
  • Simple to use - Phone A Vet is a Uber-like smart phone app designed with user friendliness as a top priority. Existing smartphone users will find the downloading, registering, choosing, contacting and teleconferencing with a veterinarian, and uploading videos and photos, to be quick and intuitive.
  • For farmers - Phone A Vet has veterinarians experienced with farm animals and their husbandry. For example, they can help if unusual symptoms are observed in stock, or if there are questions on providing pain relief for dehorning or castration, or when and how to assist animals giving birth.
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