Irrigation Management

ACS Distance Education
Duration: 100 hours
Qualification: Statement of Attainment

Learn to manage irrigation on a farm for better efficiency, productivity and sustainability. Experienced and qualified professional tutors.

Farms can do a lot with limited water

                     …. when they know how to use it properly

There should be plenty of water for everyone…, however three controlling factors: very unequal distribution, rapidly rising demand and increasing pollution around urban and industrial areas means that some areas of the planet are already using water at a greater rate than it is being replenished. This includes parts of Western Australia, and parts of NSW and Victoria. Water management will become increasingly important to try and cater for the increasing demand for usable water.

The aim of irrigation management is to reuse water as much as possible, to collect and store as much water as possible, and to ensure that what water you do use is used in an efficient manner. This course builds on Irrigation BAG213. It teaches you to manage the design and operation of large scale irrigation systems.

Prerequisites: Irrigation (Agriculture) BAG213 or equivalent (BHT 210 or BHT304) must be completed prior to commencing this course.

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Online Course: Yes
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