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More Beef From Pastures

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Farm Table says:

Need some help setting the strategic direction for your beef enterprise or whole farm business? Use this guide to start to assess the current state and plan for the future. Helps to get thinking and key information developed prior to documenting the plan itself. Includes a risk assessment questionnaire, drought preparedness checklist, SWOT analysis, one-page plan.

This MLA PDF helps to set directions in a beef enterprise.

The following procedures are walked through:

Procedure 1 – Assess the current position of the business.

  • Calculate Cost of Production
  • Understand feed supply and demand
  • Interpret farm business analysis
  • Check against industry benchmarks
  • Complete a SWOT analysis

Procedure 2 – Establish business goals and objectives.
Procedure 3 – Evaluate and choose the best options for improvement.
Procedure 4 – Document the plan.
Procedure 5 – Implement the plan, monitor progress and review.

2013 - Australia - More Beef From Pastures
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